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Aromatherapy and essential oils guide: Ask an expert - Plantopia

Aromatherapy and essential oils guide: Ask an expert

Written by

Kit Clancy

Kit Clancy, Clinical Aromatherapist, IFPA registered specialising in women’s health.

Perhaps it’s the speed at which our bodies respond to scents that’s meant this ancient wellness practice has stood the test of time. But what is aromatherapy? 

It’s a practice that works with essential oils extracted from plants, herbs and flowers to stimulate your smell receptors, activating a set of powerful responses that you can feel in your mind and your body. 

With each of Plantopia’s products containing a mood enhancing aromatherapy essential oil, you have these benefits at your fingertips. “Aromatherapy’s mood-altering abilities are impressive,” says Clinical Aromatherapist Kit Clancy and she’s about to tells us why.

Close up of green leaf with drip of water

Clinical Aromatherapist Kit Clancy shares tips on using aromatherapy essential oils 

Why do scents influence mood?

“When you inhale the aroma from an essential oil, it reaches the part of your brain that detects smell called the olfactory system,” explains Kit. 

“This system sits next to your brain’s limbic region, which is where you experience emotion and memory.” 

“Your olfactory signals can travel to the limbic system quickly, explaining why your sense of smell is so closely linked to your emotions.”

The powerful connection between the scents that surround you and your mood is the reason why Plantopia’s products are formulated with essential oils. 


Why are aromatherapy essential oils so powerful? 

Essential oils are concentrated oils that capture the scents of the plants, herbs and flowers that surround you when you’re spending time in nature.

In fact, research shows that when essential oils extracted from trees are diffused, individuals feel the same mind and body benefits as they do when they are physically in a forest. 

A moment spent focussing on the scent of an essential oil, is a moment where you’re grounding yourself in nature. 

“Anyone looking to reconnect to nature, as well as to themselves, can really benefit from aromatherapy in its many different forms,” says Kit. 

Can essential oils ease anxiety?

“As an aromatherapist, my job is to work with essential oils to create balance in the body,” Kit explains. 

“I do this by using the oils to stimulate different parts of the body to help it work more efficiently, which promotes a natural equilibrium.” 

To create a moment of calm, combine the power of aromatherapy with touch and gently massage Plantopia’s Relax & Calm Deep Peace Sensory Balm into your skin.

“What’s lovely about applying something to your skin is that the body and mind are targeted together, creating a strong sense of balance,” says Kit. 

What are the most soothing scents? 

For relaxing scents besides lavender, “try grounding oils like geranium and sandalwood, ylang-ylang, basil, bergamot and frankincense. They all have really soothing properties,” says Kit.

Plantopia’s Rest & Sleep Dusk to Dawn Night Oil contains tranquil sandalwood and helps to restore calm. 

Which scent awakens your senses? 

Essential oils have the power to re-energise as well as relax. “I love lemongrass and elemi when I want a lift. Grapefruit, petitgrain, peppermint and eucalyptus are powerful too. 


Lemongrass before extracted as an aromatherapy essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil is an awakening scent 

“It’s important you experiment for yourself with different scents as you’ll find you respond to certain oils more than others,” says Kit. 

Instead of topical application, try filling the space around you with the scent you find uplifting. “A diffuser in your home brings a stimulating response which can help wake you,” Kit recommends. 

“Simply add a few drops of essential oil to water in a diffuser and enjoy.” 

For a lift anytime or anywhere, try a spritz or two of Plantopia’s Energise & Uplift Positive Charge Face & Space Mist and inhale its zesty aromatherapeutic blend to prompt a positive outlook.