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Plantopia Wellbeing Blog Five Ways To Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Written by

Emma Mills

Emma Mills, author, teacher, meditator.

Wellbeing expert, Emma Mills, share five ways to wellbeing to help you create a good balance in life. Plantopia can help with this too...

What does wellbeing mean? For most, it’s about finding a balance of health, happiness and wellness. This balance is one that’s easy to strike when you focus on small, regular acts of self-care, says Mindfulness expert Emma Mills. 

“Building a self-care routine shouldn’t be complicated or expensive - introducing a few simple, mindful practises to your day can really pay off when you’re beginning a wellness journey.” 

Emma’s here to share her five ways to wellbeing and to walk you through five simple things you can do for your wellbeing, right here, right now.

 Person stepping out into the outdoors

Make mindful walking one of your wellbeing tools 


Step out to wellbeing

“Mindful walking gives you the opportunity to be unoccupied, without distraction,” explains Emma. 

“When you’re in an open, unoccupied state, new ideas arise, along with serendipitous ‘noticings’ like the beauty of a plant, a fragrance or a chance encounter, making yourself available to opportunity puts you in a calm, almost meditative state. This is reinforced by the rhythmic movement of your footsteps.''

''Tune in to other things, too – like the temperature, sounds, or the sensation of your feet. This further connects you to your surroundings.” 


Take a slow breath  

“Breathing exercises soothe the nervous system, and you’ll see benefits in just a few minutes,” says Emma. 

Plantopia recommends spraying Plantopia's Relax & Calm Face & Space Mist into the space that surrounds you and letting the scent give you a refreshing lift. 

“Breathe gently in through the nose for the count of five. Then breathe out through the nose for the count of seven. Do it 10 times, placing one hand on your stomach, with the other on your chest. It might help to picture the air as a balloon lower down in your stomach, gently inflating and deflating.” 


Be still 

If you’re someone who’s usually surrounded by noise, silence can feel uncomfortable. Emma’s encouraging us to embrace silence. 

“Taking a few minutes each day to sit in intentional silence can be incredibly beneficial. Try sitting at a window to begin with. Notice how it feels and what you hear outside. Over time, you’ll start to relish that regular stillness.” 

Trees outside with sun piercing through for wellbeing

Silence can be a key part of wellbeing


Find the light 

“If you’ve ever been camping, you’ll know how beneficial taking in natural light first thing can be for wellbeing and stress levels,” says Emma. 

“Each morning, I ‘ground’ myself by going barefoot on a patch of grass in a sunny spot outdoors. That combination of light and feeling the ground underfoot will help you to connect with your environment, meaning you can face the day feeling centred, calm and grounded.” 


Focus on feeling 

“Learning how to gently focus on one thing is a simple mindfulness technique that calms the mind and nervous system,” says Emma. 

“Set a timer for a minute and focus solely on giving yourself a calming hand massage. Gently and intentionally massage each finger, thumb, wrist, palm, and nail. Notice the sensation, temperature, and scent.” 

Plantopia recommends Plantopia’s Relax & Calm Bath & Body Oil to compliment this practise, combining calm-enabling adaptogens like turmeric with plant-powered relaxation with serenity restoring geranium.