Plantopia provides holistic wellbeing rituals to support the management and impact of stress for your mind, body and skin empowering a sense of rebalance and recuperation.

Grounded by the use of adaptogens and essential oils, Plantopia drives positive change for people and planet health.



Our products encourage self touch as a form of self care and can be personalised across a range of four self care rituals.

Accompanied by breathing techniques, to allow you to experience each product to its full potential and provide a sense of whole wellness.


Adaptogens and essential oils contribute to your holistic wellbeing, treating mind and body as one.

Plantopia's chosen plant-derived ingredients have unique properties related to helping the body adapt to fight physical or mental stress and restore balance.

As a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), Plantopia is committed to sourcing ingredients from nature with respect for people and biodiversity.

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Plantopia drives positive change for people and planet health, inspiring others through deeply considered choices.

Our aim is to encourage and improve world wellness, from small steps to significant strides ensuring total transparency every step of the way.

Read more about our Five Force Focus on our Manifesto.


Our formulation principles are reflected in our People & Planet Positive Manifesto.

​​While we don’t formulate to a percentage natural target, all our formulas are a minimum of 88% natural and on average, 97% natural, as well as being Leaping Bunny approved and vegan friendly. 

Plantopia actively respects, promotes and advocates change for the sustainability and biodiversity of our vast, interconnected eco-system.​ ​Our vision is to shed a transparent light on the sustainability of ingredient supply chains starting with our own. We are a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT).

Read more about our product formulations on The Wellness Blog.

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